Hi. I'm Tapan kumar.

A boring software engineer trying to chase my dreams through efficient, innovative and excellent software development.

Don't you know me ? Here you go...

Tapan kumar

A Journey from Unknown to Popular

It's always been there in my mind to be different from the crowd
And that's why I am here trying to build my own identity, trying to write my own destiny.

Being Social

It's difficult to get some free time in this busy life but when I get some I love to hang out with my buddies on Facebook.


Writing articles, tips and tricks on the challenges, those I face in day today life while coding is my hobby.
And I'm lovin it.

Getting Connected

It doesn't matter how technically sound you are if you are not connected to others, as at the end no one is going to know you.

I am a .NET guy

already spent 3 years of my life in this technology.

Building interactive websites, responsive UI, UI Rich Web applications has been the main potential of me.
Here is a list of technologies I am friendly with.

I would love to here from you.

No matter what you write here, I will always love to read it. Press those keys in your device and fire me a mail.